Selling A Home Effectively

There are only two important factors when selling a home: price and exposure. With the right price and the proper exposure, a house will sell based on market conditions. Although this seems fairly simple on the surface, it becomes quite complicated when broken down into components.


The most important component of a marketing plan is an appropriate price that not only maximizes the seller’s net gains but also attracts a buyer. There are multiple strategies to pricing a property but the primary method used for residential property is the comparable sales approach. An income based approach may be a helpful for a rental unit or in an area with a large number of rentals. My ability to work with the data to reach a competitive price is unmatched. Not only will this provide you with a high amount of confidence regarding pricing, but it will enable me to use the data as a basis for attaining our desired selling price.


Ensuring that a property receives the highest quality and most efficient exposure requires a multi-faceted approach. Many agents rely on the 3-P method to sell a property: put a sign in the lawn, put it in the MLS, and pray. In a very one-sided seller’s market with little competition, this method can be sufficient. Most often this is not the case. The following is my five-point plan to ensure maximum efficiency in the quality and quantity of exposure:

  1. The MLS (multiple listing service) provides a very large amount of exposure because the data is uploaded almost immediately to all major real estate websites. The data must be very thorough and accurate in order to best represent your property.
  2. The most important component to upload into the MLS is several high-quality photos showing as many aspects as possible about the property. This is where the distinction between high- and low-quality exposure can become immediately apparent. When a prospective buyer is initially deciding which properties to consider, poor quality photos will disqualify even the most beautiful properties instantaneously.
  3. Staging the home properly involves more than just cleaning and decluttering. It is a meticulous process with the goal of ensuring the prospective buyer immediately feels a desire to stay upon first entering. A properly staged home is necessary for both photos and showings and can be the deciding factor in keeping a buyer interested.
  4. Rather than waiting for a buyer to come across the listing, my job is to actively inform the market about the property. We use many ways to accomplish this including strategically targeted social media ad campaigns, conversations with neighbors, and conversations with other agents. In a competitive market, every seemingly small activity can make a difference in attracting a qualified buyer.
  5. Effective and reliable communication is not just a priority in providing a quality service to clients, but it is also extremely important when interacting with other agents. A missed call can quickly turn into a missed offer, we are always ready to answer the phone and negotiate which is essential to being successful.

For most of us, our home is our biggest investment. When it's time to sell, get the value you deserve with the help of a professional Realtor. If you'd like to get in touch about your next home sale today, please contact us whenever you'd like.